Muhdo DNA Health Kit

Muhdo DNA Health Kit


Muhdo DNA Health Kit.


Muhdo is a DNA test-kit (saliva test) that tells you what’s happening in your body based on your unique genetic structure (DNA) and uploads the results directly to the Muhdo app on your mobile phone.


They don't look at your Ancestry. Instead, Muhdo looks at your entire gene structure only as it relates to health, longevity, performance, and wellness. Muhdo then suggests actionable ways to improve areas like sleep, supplementation, stress, gut health, immunity, performance, weight-loss, muscle-gain, cognitive function and more by identifying your genetic strengths and weaknesses. The app provides you with exactly what strand of DNA relates to this result, why that gene was identified as "gifted," or "at potential risk." Lastly Muhdo provides custom suggestions into how you can mitigate risks, and use your gifts to your advantage ultimately allowing you to thrive mentally, and physically, inside and out, on or off the field.


Muhdo is a product that can truly cater to anyone at any age looking to improve their longevity, performance, and overall wellbeing.


Did you know that your DNA is static? That means that a one time test that would be the same the day you were born and the day you die. Muhdo analyzes your unique genetics and identifies strengths and potential weaknesses as it relates to health, wellness, performance, weight-loss, and longevity. We analyze over 1000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism - pronounced ‘snip’) of the saliva sample (aka. "split the spit," 1000 times). Your results go into a unique algorithm consisting of research conducted internally at Muhdo through their brilliant team of scientists and the most credible, peer-reviewed, published research papers in the world from institutions like Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard.


The box contains:

  • A small plastic tube to hold your saliva sample with your kit ID on printed on its side

  • A plastic funnel, which is meant to be screwed onto the plastic tube to make the sample collection easier

  • A folded instruction card containing all information that you need to know plus your individual Kit ID

  • Prepaid delivery instructions and envelope to send the sample to our lab (Canada is not prepaid)


Performance and longevity

The implications of your actions measured against your genetic structure will dictate your overall health and cause your genes to either (hyper) or (hypo) methylate over time. Methylation is the process, which will affect how your genes function and either accentuate the ageing process or slowing deteriorating over time.Muhdo's DNA test-kit allows you to identify which genetic areas will place your health more at risk and either accelerate the ageing process or maintain your health and integrity.The whole concept is that once you've identified your hyper-personalised traits, gifts and weaknesses, you can act accordingly via the lifestyle suggestions to promote performance and longevity.


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