The Metabolic Repair Program

The Metabolic Repair Program


The Metabolic Repair Program


How does it work?

The Metabolic Repair Program has been designed to provide you with an 'alternative' diet to getting in shape and healthy, and to provide you with the tools to successfully apply the program. Traditional dieting protocols follow the very basic template of: reduce calories>lose weight>balancethe metabolism. In this program we look at reversing this process, to create a new dieting formula: balance the metabolism>reduce calories>lose weight.


Who is it for?

This program is perfect for you if you have fallen into a consistent 'eat less, exercise more' routine and are feeling tired, hungry, beat, bloated, anxious and depressed as a result. You are liikely not seeing the results you expect despite under eating and exercising hard. It's also perfect for you if you have spent years under eating and following drastic fad diets. When the traditional methods of losing weight are no longer working for you, this is the program to use. It is also ideal if you have just completed a low-calorie program, such a starting fat loss program.


How long does it last?

It is recommended that you follow this program 4-8 weeks at a time. If you only require a short diet break or increase in calories (or really don't want to reduce exercise volume) it is possible to just complete phases 3-5 of the program. For everyone else i recommened completing all 5 phases.


What is inlcluded?

  • What is metabolic repair (evidence based information to help you understand the process)
  • 5-phase Metabolic Repair Program
  • Completed meal plan
  • Supplement guide
  • 4 week training program
  • Progress Diary (meal planner template, macronutrient tracker, diet and lifestyle diary, training planner template, progress recorded)
  • Recipe pack


The Metabolic repair program will be available to download immediateley, progress diary and recipe pack emailed separateley to the email address used at check out.


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