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Female Personal Trainer: Private Gym in Huddersfield. 

Reach Your Fitness Goals with My Online Diet Plans & Bespoke Fitness Classes

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Your Body, the Way You Want It

My name is Laura, and I am a level 3 qualified female personal trainer based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. My passion in life is to guide and assist people to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.

I offer face-to-face personal training in a private gym alongside fitness plans and online diet plans. My online coaching covers home, gym, and outdoor workouts.

People train and diet differently, what works for you might not work for someone else.


Many personal trainers don’t adapt their routine and guidance to the individual, instead applying the same routine for everyone – but no two people are the same, especially when it comes to health, fitness levels, nutritional needs, and personal goals. 


From my private gym in Huddersfield, I’ll be with you every step of your health journey. As a professional personal trainer, I’ll use my knowledge and expertise to guide you, allowing you to reach your personal fitness goals.

If you’re unable to attend my one-to-one personal training sessions, don’t worry! My bespoke training sessions are just as accessible online. For more information, visit my online coaching page and get in touch today! 

My online coaching will provide you with personalised nutrition plan, as well as a personal training plan, giving you all the help you may need. 

Ready made programs to complete on your own

In the comfort of your own home or private gym.

Personalized nutrition and training plans

Why use an LSD Fit online diet plan?

  • Your diet plan will be your pocket guide to all things dieting. 

  • Designed to fit around your busy work schedule.

  • 15 different recipes, updated every month.

  • Quick and easy meals.

  • A selection of invaluable lifestyle tips included.

I will be your own female personal trainer and coach, working alongside you to transform your body, helping you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to health.

Enquire now to change your life.


Hear What Others Have to Say

Laura has really helped build my confidence and keep me motivated to achieve my goals. LSD Fit is a fun workout which she has taylored around my needs. Not only that but she designed me a meal plan that I feel is easy to stick to but seems to be doing the trick at helping me lose my mum tum


Laura is an amazing PT , she gives you the push your need but also can help adapt her routines to help suit you. You can tell she has a passion and drive for fitness and nutrition which i feel helps motivate me more

Sarah Smith

I always look forward to my sessions with Laura, she pushes me hard which i like and after training with Laura at home, i now also have the confidence to go into the gym and lift weights alone with out feeling out of my comfort zone .

Emily J


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